Geothermal Drill Rig Geo-Max

Geothermal Drill Rig Geo-Max

The MAX series GM840-DD is a state-of-the-art geothermal drilling rig, has higher power characteristics, depth capabilities and features a high-tech electronic control system with advanced operational power management subsystems, allowing for higher operational efficiency and reduced drilling cost.The main advantages of GM840 are its extreme maneuverability, pullback capacity of 42000 lbs (19050 kg), hydraulic power of 220 HP, Double head designed specifically for Geothermal overburden drilling and a unique rod handling system. These features enable GM840 to easily access almost any type of difficult terrain, and give it enough power to drill in every type of mixed ground conditions (overburden / hard rock).

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Rotary Drive: Double head EURODRILL model DH1900; Integrated dual-head designed specifically for Geothermal overburden drilling, where both, Casing and Drilling Rod operate at the same time. Counter-clockwise operation of the Casing and Drilling Rod Gears significantly increases drilling efficiency and precision, preventing an inadvertent release of rod and casing during the pipe feeding and discharging.
Robot arm, equipped with double clamps to simultaneously deliver the casing and inner rod assembly to the rod feeder and back (feeding and discharging). This reduces the operating time and greatly increases efficiency, since this operation can be done while drilling.
GM840 features our uniquely designed hydraulic pipe rack, capable of vertically storing 10ft long pipes. The rack is attached to a hydraulic actuator, allowing it to be raised for drilling and lowered for transportation. First Pipe Rack stores casing and inner rod assemblies (up to 150 ft). Second Pipe Rack stores additional inner rods (up to 400 ft).
Additional Information

Additional Information


Carrier : Tracks mounted
Drilling techniques : DTH, Rotary, Rotary
Drilling applications : Geothermal Overburden Drilling, water and geothermal wells, construction

Weight and Dimensions

Mast (feed boom) length:9.57m<> 31’-4’’
Width: 2.26 m <> 8’-00’’
Height: 3.53 m <> 11’-7’’
Weight: approx. 18 500 kg <> 40 785 lbs (W/out drill pipes & Mud pump )

Undercarriage & Chassis

Tracks mounted steel shoes
Tracks mounted Heavy duty rubber pads (On request)
Track length: 3.48 m <> 137’’
Track shoes width: 500 mm <> 19.7”
Pressure applied brake system
Heavy duty link profile
Gradability 19° <> 35%
Ground clearance 380 mm <> 15”
(4) Heavy duty hydraulic out-riggers (2 front & 2 rear)
Travel speed: 4.4 km/h <> 2.6 mphPIPE RACK:quick attachment «Removable»
PIPE RACK:quick attachment «Removable»

Power Unit

Cummins electronic diesel engine model QSB6.7-6cyl. (24 volts) turbocharged water cooled
Power 220 hp – 164.1 kW @ 2000rpm ( maximum available 260 hp)
Operational fuel consumption 10.39 L/hr <> 2.74 gall/hr
Fuel tank 227 L. <> 60 galls
Filtering system two stage (Primary @ security)
Emission certification: U.S. EPA Tier 3, EU Stage III
Integrated control safety panel, 24 volts

Hydraulic power unit & components

Pump drive: Two (2) variable displacement piston pumps, load sensing, pressure compensated, and one (1) gear pump dedicated for accessories.
Hydraulic tank capacity 378 L. <> 100 gall.
Hydraulic oil cooler
Filtration system (5 micron)
Body valves assembly for complete controls (Tram, positioning and drilling)
Automatic lubricator for the down the hole hammer (Capacity 20 L <> 5 gall)
Mechanical foam mist (Capacity 20 L <> 5 gall) (Option)
Mechanical thread greaser
Mechanical thread greaser (Option)
Hose and fittings type « seal lock »
Extra: Integrated hydraulic power supply «hp» (Subject to options choice)
Integrated safety system, over heat, low levels etc.

Mast & Feed Assembly

Dump (0 to 100° from the horizontal)
Specific heavy duty mast structure designed for drill pipe of (3.00 m <> 10’)
Drill Head travel length «Stroke» of ( 4.57 m <> 15’)
Feed system hoisting and pull-down power is provided by link- chain, hydraulic gear box controlled hydraulically for accurate trust
Mast extension: (40” pin #1) & (74” pin #2)
Pull down / Pull back force: «at start» (40 000 Lbs <> 177.2 KN)
Pull down / Pull back force:«traveling» (48 000 Lbs <> 213.5 KN)
Top drive mounting plate is equipped with urethane anti-wear slides
Integrated drill pipe deflector for cuttings when drilling without casing
Jib hydraulic winch 544 kg <> 1 200 lbs

Remote control

Ergonomic fully electric «Remote control» with Aluminum corpus

Rotating Head: Double Head EURODRILL

Model DH1900 with integrated deflector
Gear box #1: Casing RH1700_Type motor 31
1st gear: 0- 20 rpm, 2370daNm <> 17480 lb-ft
2nd gear: 0- 30 rpm, 1580daNm <> 11653 lb-ft
3rd gear: 0- 60 rpm, 790daNm <> 5826 lb-ft
Gear box #2: Inner rod RH900_Type motor 98
1st gear: 0- 43 rpm, 1100daNm <> 8113 lb-ft
2nd gear: 0- 86 rpm, 550daNm <> 4056 lb-ft
Integrated: Floating spindle kit RH900
Integrated: Preventer
Gear box #1: Casing RH1700_Type motor V73 (Option)
1st gear: 0- 24 rpm, 2475 daNm <> 18255 lb-ft
2nd gear: 0- 36 rpm, 1650 daNm <> 12179 lb-ft
3rd gear: 0- 48 rpm, 1080 daNm <> 7965 lb-ft
Gear box #2: Inner rod RH900_Type motor 95
1st gear: 0- 69 rpm, 690 daNm <> 5089 lb-ft
2nd gear: 0- 138 rpm, 345 daNm <> 2545 lb-ft

Triple Break-out & Clamps: hydraulic jaws

Hydraulic « Breakout » system
Hydraulic centralizer with retractable jaws with max. opening of 222 mm <> 8¾"
Hydraulic centralizer with retractable jaws with max. opening of 222 mm <> 8¾"
Min-Max opening (60-222 mm <> 2.3” -8¾”)

Water Injection Pump

Model FMC A04
Double pistons pump (Water, foams, etcc…)
Volume; 34 L/min <> 9 gal/min
Pressure: 34 bar <> 550 psig
Revolution speed: 500 rpm
Complete filtering system
Water tank “Stainless Steel" 540 L <> 120 gals
Model FMC W11
Triple pistons pump
Volume; 136 L/min <> 36 gal/min
Pressure: 68 bar <> 1000 psig
Revolution speed: 900 rpm
Complete filtering system
Water tank “Stainless Steel" 540 L <> 120 gals

Mud & Grouting Pump

Model: RUPE
0-100 g/min. (single cylinder)
0-300 psig
Model CLM 7.5”x10” MSPA
0-180 g/min. (single cylinder)
0-550 psig

RACHS ( Rod And Casing Handling System)

Rod & Casing Feeder
Rod feeder to load and unload drill rod is mounted on the side of the mast for handy operation and better production
One (1) rod handling box-rack with vertically standing drill pipe and casing , This rock-box is removable , mounted on four (4) tapered pins. The box-rack systems will be mounted on two (2) cylinders to lower the system while travelling on the road.
All functions are hydraulic and controlled from remote panel
Rod & Casing Handling «Robot Arm»: Hiab model 026T
Cap. 430 kg <> 947 lbs
Reach: 5.48 m <> 18’-00”
Rotation: 360º
Will manipulate pipes 152 mm <> 6” and more from the box-rack
Separate remote control
Box-Rack Casing and Rod System
One (1) rod handling box-rack with vertically standing drill rod( pipe) inside casing or drill rod without casing.
Mounted on two (2) cylinders to lower the system while travelling on the road
All functions are hydraulic and controlled from remote panel
Additional Box-Rack can be manufactured (option to be discussed as per application)

Optional Equipment

Mechanical thread grease
Winter heating system package
Floating spindle
Mechanical foam mist supply


Overseas packaging: 40 ft container
Inland shipment: Flatbed
* Some of the features are optional
** Subject to ground conditions, compressor or water / mud pump capabilities, type and a quality of drilling equipments used and driller skills

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